Protect assets, mitigate liability and enhance operational efficiency.

Clear2There offers smart security, automation and energy management solutions that enable you to monitor and administer critical aspects of your everyday business operations. Clear2there’s solution suite empowers businesses with the ability to easily monitor and manage a location, or multiple locations, from any smartphone, tablet or internet-connected device. Typical Clear2there system applications include video surveillance; process automation; remote monitoring, access, thermostat, and lighting controls; water and flood detection; and event-driven alerts and automated responses.

Clear2there Video Surveillance Solutions

The safety of employees, customers and property is of the utmost importance to business owners. A video surveillance system is an excellent means of monitoring and protecting these valuable assets. The use of this technology can deliver benefits across many different aspects of your business operations, including:

  • Improved Safety: Video surveillance helps to identify unsafe working practices and other hazards that can present a harmful threat to employees and customers.

  • Crime Prevention: Video surveillance reduces the likelihood that a company will become a target of theft or other crimes, and many insurance providers even offer discounted rates tied to the deployment of these systems.

  • Liability Protection: Video footage of the activities taking place within a business can provide protection against false injury claims and frivolous lawsuits.

  • Employee Productivity: Employee productivity is a key driver of business performance and profitability. The presence of video surveillance cameras can minimize unproductive behavior and boost employee efficiency.

  • Crime Investigation: In the event a crime is committed on business property, a video surveillance system can provide law enforcement with vital information that can lead to an arrest.

Clear2there offers a complete range of premises-based or cloud-hosted video surveillance solutions, including a full line of IP and analog cameras for interior and exterior use. Clear2there’s remote monitoring capabilities enable live and recorded video to be viewed from any location, at any time of the day or night over a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Clear2there Access Control Solutions

Similar to the deployment of video surveillance, the effective implementation and use of access control solutions can provide tremendous advantages and return on investment benefits to businesses of all types. With Clear2there’s flexible Viewbiquity Cloud Application Suite (VCAS) platform, companies can customize a video surveillance and access control solution to meet their unique business needs and requirements.

Electronic locks can be installed on important entry and exit doors, and company personnel can carry uniquely coded electronic key-fobs that allow access to controlled areas and doors. All entries are logged and, if needed, the system can associate snapshots from deployed video cameras as an extra measure of security for access to restricted areas, such as warehouses or storage rooms. Systems can be configured to send this data to appropriate company management as an additional safeguard. Additionally, doors can be unlocked remotely if needed, and an administrator can view the surveillance feed to assure that proper access has been granted to the authorized individual.

Clear2there’s streamlined installation, maintenance and integration delivers significant cost-savings, and allows businesses to leverage the investments they have already made in their existing network infrastructures. Distinctive features of Clear2there access control solutions include:

  • Scalable: Supports an unlimited number of readers on a system and an unlimited number of users.

  • Fault-Tolerant Design: Intelligent reader-controller can make access control decisions based on the Viewbiquity rules engine. Additional features are supported to associate with other events, such as activating video snapshots that can be emailed to remote devices, turning on lights, adjusting thermostats and more.

  • Network Ready: The only panel-free system with direct connectivity to the data network.

  • Readily Adaptable: The Clear2there VCAS platform supports integration with other systems via the standard TCP/IP interface.

  • Easy-to-Deploy: Plug and play design eases installation, and Clear2there’s intuitive interface delivers a simple and straightforward user experience.

Clear2there Smart Automation Solutions

The Clear2there VCAS platform integrates and manages video cameras, digital locks, thermostats, motion sensors, power and lighting controls and many other standards-based smart devices. Our smart automation and energy management solutions improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. Clear2there smart automation sensors and devices include:

  • Video surveillance cameras

  • Smart locks and access control

  • Refrigeration and freezer thermostats

  • Lighting, heating, and cooling control

  • Motion detection

  • Propane, liquid, and granular tank levels

  • Water flow and leak detection

  • Door and window sensors

  • Overhead door monitoring and control

  • Power supply and energy management

Clear2there Body Temperature Screening Solutions

According to clinical manifestation statistics, 28 out of 39 statutory infectious diseases display fever symptoms in the early stage. This can include such illnesses as common influenza, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and COVID-19. The signs and symptoms of COVID-19 exhibited at illness onset vary, but over the course of the disease, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that most afflicted persons will present with fever 83 to 99 percent of the time. With that information in mind, it is clear that an efficient and reliable means of fever detection can be a vital tool in the prevention and containment of viral spread.

Traditional hand-held thermometers work well enough for measuring a single individual’s temperature across a very small number of people. But, what about when a temperature screening process must be safely implemented in a business environment to address a vastly greater number of people? Manual checks using hand-held thermometers are incredibly time-consuming, can produce inconsistent and inaccurate results, and place screeners at risk of infection due to the close physical proximity required. Additionally, there is no efficient means by which to document and record the temperature readings obtained via this process. The deployment of a Clear2there Body Temperature Measurement System can address many of these issues.

Clear2there Point of Sale Solutions

Clear2there provides the ability to tightly integrate point of sale (POS) solutions with other solutions and devices, including cloud video recording, access control, and smart business applications. This integration is made possible via Clear2there’s powerful and easy-to-use rules-based system. Any number of rules can be created and edited to suit unique business needs. POS integration features include:

  • Data capture for POS, access control, time clock and other devices

  • Recording and overlay of transaction data on surveillance video

  • Searching of archived data for any combination of keywords or events and playback of recorded video with transaction data

  • Utilization of rules engine for immediate notification for special keywords or unusual transactions.

  • Notification via email, text message, text-to-speech or video camera snapshot

  • Management from any internet-enabled PC, smartphone or tablet device

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