Clear2there delivers accurate, fast, and safe elevated body temperature detection solutions.

Clear2there Thermal Camera Technology in Action

The EarthBend and Clear2there headquarters offices in Sioux Falls, South Dakota have deployed the thermal temperature screening system to support the health and safety of employees and visitors.

The YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City is testing a system to enable detection of elevated body temperatures as part of a preliminary screening process in their facility.

Case Study: Roane County Schools

Roane County Schools, a rural school district in West Virginia serving approximately 1,900 students across one high school and four middle and elementary school campuses, is dedicated to providing each child with the best educational opportunities possible and supporting them academically, emotionally, physically, and socially. For Roane County Schools’ leadership, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, that mission has proven more critical than ever before.

Case Study: Mount Gilead School District

Mount Gilead Exempted Village School District, located in Morrow County, Ohio, 41 miles northeast of Columbus, is known for the care it provides to each of its approximately 1,200 students. As a small town community, Mount Gilead prides itself on being a very outcome-focused school district. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, that mindset factored prominently into the development of Mount Gilead’s reopening plan for the 2020 – 2021 school year.

A vital tool to help prevent the spread of infectious disease.

According to clinical manifestation statistics, 28 out of 39 statutory infectious diseases display fever symptoms in the early stage. This can include such illnesses as common influenza, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and COVID-19. The signs and symptoms of COVID-19 exhibited at illness onset vary, but over the course of the disease, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that most afflicted persons will present with fever 83 to 99 percent of the time. With that information in mind, it is clear that an efficient and reliable means of fever detection can be a vital tool in the prevention and containment of viral spread.

Traditional hand-held thermometers work well enough for measuring a single individual’s temperature across a very small number of people. But, what about when a temperature screening process must be safely implemented in a business environment to address a vastly greater number of people? Manual checks using hand-held thermometers are incredibly time-consuming, can produce inconsistent and inaccurate results, and place screeners at risk of infection due to the close physical proximity required. Additionally, there is no efficient means by which to document and record the temperature readings obtained via this process. The deployment of a Clear2there Body Temperature Measurement solution can address many of these issues.

Versatile body temperature measurement screening options.

Clear2there offers both passive and active body temperature measurement screening technologies, delivering a comprehensive solution set for safely, reliably, and accurately identifying individuals with an above normal body temperature.

  • Passive Fever Screening:  Passive fever screening uses thermal imaging to identify people with elevated temperatures in a group. Individuals do not have to stop and engage with the system for screening, they are simply scanned as they walk past the thermal camera.

  • Active Fever Screening:  Active fever screening requires the individual engage with the measurement system by stopping, approaching the camera, etc.  These systems have a lower entry point price and are intended for use where traffic intensity is lower.

Clear2there Passive Engagement Solution:
Body Temperature Measurement System

An AI-based, non-contact, high-traffic temperature screening solution.

The Clear2there Body Temperature Measurement System is an artificial intelligence-based, contactless temperature monitoring solution that enables automated, safe and reliable detection of elevated body temperatures as part of a preliminary screening process. Clear2there combines proven, market-leading AI and thermal technology to deliver a rapidly deployable platform that can help businesses to provide a safe and comfortable environment for employees, customers and visitors.

Your complete body temperature screening solution.

The Clear2there Body Temperature Measurement System is comprised of three core solution components – a dual-channel or bi-spectrum thermal camera, a blackbody thermal calibration device and the Clear2there video management software client.

The Clear2there dual-channel camera produces a video stream, with the visible spectrum camera functioning in a similar way to our standard surveillance cameras. The thermal camera provides a visual representation of the infrared energy emitted by individuals and objects, supporting elevated body temperature detection.

The Clear2there blackbody thermal calibration unit maintains a specific temperature and does not reflect any energy from the surrounding environment. It serves as a constant point of reference for the Clear2there thermal camera. It is manually set at a prescribed temperature and the thermal camera is configured based on that designation. A thermal calibration device is typically used when more precise temperature readings are required, as is the case with screening for elevated body temperature.

Video and thermal streams as well as temperature readings are captured for each subject. These readings, along with supplemental log data and notes related to specific over temperature measurement events, are stored in a centralized MySQL database. These data sources in turn enable powerful and intuitive search functionality as well as detailed report generation and statistical analysis via the Clear2there video management software client.

The Clear2there Body Temperature Measurement System is best leveraged as part of a broader pre-screening operation. As people pass through a defined screening area, their temperatures are read automatically and, depending on the configuration, these readings may be stored and alert notifications generated if a temperature exceeds a specific threshold. Alerts can include audible and visual alarms as well as email and push notifications. Flagged individuals can then be sent to another location for a secondary screening process. This automated approach enables a much larger number of people to be screened, and reduces the possibility of human error as well as virus transmission.

Clear2there Active Engagement Solution:
Body Temperature Screening Terminal

A tablet-based, non-contact, high accuracy infrared thermal camera.

The Clear2there Body Temperature Screening Terminal performs temperature screening and can also support face mask detection and facial recognition, helping to prevent pathogenic community spread by pre-screening individuals before they enter a facility. Key features include:

  • Temperature Screening: Contactless, accurate temperature readings within 0.3 degrees Celsius.

  • Face Mask Detection: Can sound an alert if an entrant without a mask is detected.

  • NDAA Compliant:  Clear2there solutions are fully compliant with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).  Projects which rely on federal funding, including loans and grants, are subject to NDAA compliance.

  • Solution Interoperability: Fully compatible with the Clear2there video management software client.

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As shelter-in-place orders ease across the country, many businesses are seeking to implement some form of body temperature screening. Clear2there combines proven, market-leading AI and thermal technology to deliver a rapidly deployable platform that can help you to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your employees, customers and visitors.

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