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Mt. Vernon Schools Deploys Clear2there Security Solutions Across Its Campuses

The Challenge: School leaders across the nation are entrusted with maintaining a safe learning environment for students. A key concern in achieving this goal is effectively monitoring and controlling who is allowed to enter school buildings—both during and after

Mississippi School District Implements Advanced Security Solution

The Challenge: For Franklin County Schools, a rural Mississippi district serving over 1,500 students grades K through 12, providing a safe and secure school environment is one of the highest priorities. “A fundamental part of assuring the success of

Clear2there Elevates Safety and Security for Agribusiness Operation

The Challenge: Parker Ag Innovations, a seed and chemical distributor located in Emerson, Iowa, was looking to improve oversight of its warehouse operations with the addition of surveillance cameras. According to Tina Parker, owner and operator of Parker Ag,

Fisher Public Schools Improves Campus Security Measures

The Challenge: The Fisher Public School District provides pre-K through 12 education in the community of Fisher, Minnesota. Much like school districts across the nation, Fisher’s administration is consistently challenged to provide a safe and secure environment for students,

Helping West Liberty Fire Department Be Ready to Roll

The Challenge: According to the “U.S. Fire Department Profile,” published by the National Fire Protection Association in April 2017, sixty-six percent of the 29,727 fire departments across the nation are classified as ‘all volunteer.’ The fire department in West

Bruce School District Simplifies Facilities Oversight

The Challenge: Bruce School District in Bruce, Wisconsin, provides K-12 education with 85 staff members to a population of some 550 students. The school district has utilized electronic door control and surveillance technology throughout its facilities for a number

Franklin County Memorial Hospital Addresses Security Concerns

The Challenge: For Franklin County Memorial Hospital, patient and staff safety and security is as important a priority as delivering top-notch medical care to its patients. Providing a secure environment in a critical facility like a hospital presents multiple

Smart Farm Technology Delivers Efficiency and Security

The Challenge: Modern farming is a complex and difficult business that requires a great deal of technology for efficiency and success. According to Joe Hossle, a farm operator in Southwest Iowa, the enduring concept of farming as a way

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